About Herbfun

HERBFUN was established in 2014 by Mr. Adam Hafid who was born in a small but beautiful town in southern Morocoo where is famous as a main place of origin of morocco oil. After finishing his study in University in England, he worked in cosmetics field for over 10 years as product developer and product manager, his kind of rigorous and pragmatic working attitude has won the praise of peers.


With the cosmetics safety problems emerge in an endless stream, Adam realized the potential of the huge market of safe and natural cosmetics, so he begun to develop daily use products from natural and safe materials. In the study of the vast majority of daily products in the supermarket, boutiques and salons, he found that, in order to reduce costs and get a stronger cleaning power, the vast majority of enterprises are using the petrochemical surface active agent, which is by-product of petroleum refining and with heavy metals and carcinogenic substances. The long-term use of such products is a hidden danger to human health and that can’t be ignored. Adam decided to use a natural surface active agent to instead of petrochemical, after trying as much as over 20 kinds of surface active agents, he focus on soapberry saponin and coco-glucoside, which are extracted from natural plant fruits and many scientific reports prove their clean power and safety.


After numbers of tests, the first product of soapberry shower gel was developed successfully in 2012, Because of its mild, low foam and suitable for sensitive individuals, friends around praised it and recommended to more people. In the next year, the next 5 kinds of products were developed successfully one after another, the Ritha series is now taking shape.


With the gradual rise in sales and the expansion of user groups, Mr. Adam Hafid decided to go from personal development studio to the road of brand development. So, in 2015, the brand “HERBFUN” was registered in UK. With high-end product-Eshtar shower mousse developed in the same year, the sub-brand “ESHTAR” was also registered in UK.


Up to now, the HERBFUN products have formed two series: RITHA and ESHTAR, and sold to over 10 countries. HEBRFUN has Formed a unique system of brand development, control of raw materials, as well as the production managementand plan to integrate the resource advantages of multi region, and go to the road of the brand development of globalization in the next 5 years.

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