What’s the Guarantee of 6 FREEs?

We promise never use petrochemicals, pababens, artificial fragrance, alcohol, animal oil or dye and color-additive. We always commitment to our product guarantee of 6 FREEs and provide people with the most natural, safe and non-irritant cleaning care.

Why your products have abundant foam without petrochemical surface active agents? 

The foam of HERBFUN products is from soapberry peels and plant oil. A kind of herbal non-ionic surfactant with features of natural acidity, naturally found in the peels of soapberries and other plants, Compare with other natural detergent, soapberry is with stronger detergency and much delicate foam.

Without fragrance, where your liquid scent from?

We never use any artificial fragrance, all scents are from natural essential oil and herbs/fruits extract, this scent is natural, light and safe for kids, trouble skin, pregnant women and sensitive people. 

How your products can keep 18 months without parabens?

We use active plant oil as our preservatives substitute, this is a very natural ingredient could keep liquid for 18 months, and very safe for kids, trouble skin, pregnant women even sensitive people, that will never hurt your health.

How you can prove your ingredients are natural and safe?

All of our ingredients are from nature, and we list all ingredients in INCI name and CAS#.

We choose USDA organic soapberry saponin and COSMOS AND ECOCERT 100% natural origin coco-glucoside as main ingredients, food-grade ingredients as accessories, mean while, we also add other ECOCERT organic ingredients such as Aloe powder and betain to get better skin feeling, all in order to make sure the products base most natural and safe.

Except public website, do you have any other sales channels?

You can get HERBFUN products from 3 channels as below:

1. Public website

2. Amazon.co.uk

3. Retail channels in your city such as supermarkets, drugstores and beauty salons.

How can I pay for HERBFUN products?

You can choose credit card such as VISA, MASTER etc, and also Paypal is available.

How do you charge freight?

We provide free shipping service for all deals with amount over 50 pounds, and this service is available for most countries in the Europe, North America and Korea, Japan and China in Asia.

Shall I need to pay for the taxes?

1. For UK delivery, you need to pay for the VAT tax.

2. For delivery outside UK, the duty tax depends on the tariff policies in your country, please refer to customs in your city. Any questions please email to: info@herbfun.eu

I want to distribute HERBFUN products, how to begin?

CLICK HERE to fill the reseller form, our seller will contact you within 2 working days.